• Growing trees,

    growing leaders.

    More than 88,000 TIST farmers in 4 countries respond effectively to global climate challenges by planting millions of trees since 1999.

    Small Groups

    rotate leadership to create leaders.

    TIST's scalable growth is accomplished by Small Groups with rotating leadership among all members.

    TIST farmers improve their lives and create high-value carbon credits.

    TIST Program offers industry-leading, award winning carbon credits and offsets.

    Our carbon contract creates opportunity for everyone.

    TIST farmers even without land title can receive benefits from trees they plant and keep alive.

    We make our information available to you.

    Every tree grove for every group is audited regularly, and the location of the groves and detailed information is public.

    4,900,000 metric tons of CO2 sequestered!

    More than 88,000 TIST farmers keep over 18,000,000 trees alive in India, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. And counting!

  • TIST is an innovative time-tested afforestation program led by the participants.

    TIST farmers are successfully counteracting the devastating effects of deforestation, erosion, famine, droughts and floods through an innovative solution: planting millions of trees.

  • TIST Kenya Farmers Reach 10,000,000 Living Trees!

    TIST farmers in Kenya have just passed the 10 million tree mark. Congratulations!

  • See TIST Kenya afforestation in action!

    This quick video shows the program's viral growth around Mount Kenya over the last fifteen years.

  • TIST Global Growth

    For two decades, TIST farmers have been planting trees and transforming lives.

  • We believe results should be transparent.

    TIST tree quantification data is always available online:

  • TIST Values

    Our unique values are crucial to the program's success:

    We are honest.

    We are accurate.

    We are transparent.

    We are mutually accountable.

    We are servants to each other.

    We are volunteers.

    We create big results with low budgets.

  • A century ago this was dense forest.

    TIST farmers counteract the devastating effects of deforestation, erosion, famine, droughts and floods by planting millions of trees.

  • Planting trees makes a difference.

    Get step-by-step instructions on starting TIST in your local community:

  • TIST is making a difference!

    Recent newsletters, United Nations SDG impacts and TIST training info:

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    The latest on how TIST farmers in Uganda are improving their lives

    TIST Co-Benefits and United Nations SDGs

    TIST touches on all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Discover the impact of the TIST Program and how it works

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