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Growing trees, growing leaders!

TIST is an innovative time-tested forestation program led by the participants.

A measurable difference. ​​​​​​​

TIST Farmers are successfully counteracting the devastating effects of deforestation, erosion, famine, droughts and floods through an innovative solution: planting millions of trees.

See TIST Kenya 

afforestation in


This quick video shows the program's impressive growth around Mount Kenya.

We believe results should be transparent.​​​​​​​

TIST tree quantification data is always available freely online:

TIST Values​​​​​​​

Our unique values are crucial to the program's success:

We are honest.

We are transparent.

We are servants to each other.

We are accurate.

We are mutually accountable.

We are volunteers.

We create big results with low budgets.

A century ago this

was dense forest.

TIST Farmers counteract the devastating effects of deforestation, erosion, famine, droughts and floods by planting millions of trees.

Planting trees makes a difference.​​​​​​​

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TIST Farmers are making a difference!

TIST Benefits & United Nations SDGs

TIST impacts all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals!

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Farmers are the heart and soul of TIST!

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