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Buy Dual Validated & Verified Carbon Credits

Charismatic Carbon Credits from Community Forestation!

Award-Winning Carbon Credits from Subsistence Farmers

Our carbon credits/offsets are generated by TIST Farmers participating in community forestation.

It is the only carbon project of its kind, a grassroots movement consisting of tens of thousands of volunteer farmers who are paid for the results they produce.

Buy Directly from the Source

When you buy credits and offsets from TIST you are buying directly from the source.

One Carbon Credit Equals One Metric Ton of CO2 Sequestered

Each carbon credit you purchase is equivalent to one metric ton of carbon dioxide sequestered by trees grown by TIST Farmers.

TIST Farmers are Partners

TIST Farmers are partners and receive stipend for keeping tree alive and 70% of the profits from the sale of carbon credits generated by millions of living trees.

Third-Party Dual-Validated & Verified Carbon Credits

TIST was the first carbon project to be dual validated and verified by Verra (VCS) and Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB) standards

Our Clean Air Mechanism in Transparent

TIST is a verified and validated program with third-party quantification audits.

Our reforestation data collection model is award-winning and delivers transparent results you can view any time online.

When you buy carbon credits from TIST, you are helping self-motivated, entrepreneurial subsistence farmers keep millions of trees alive!

A Note on Carbon Credit Price Volatility

Carbon credit prices change from time to time due to market conditions. When you sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription, you lock in the current price for the period you are subscribed for (monthly locks in that price for the month, yearly for the year).

We want to be 100% clear about the fact that when that initial period ends, if the price of carbon credits has increased, we will renew your subscription at the new price after letting you know ahead of time via email that this is the case.

If you wish to cancel your subscription at that point due to price changes, we will be happy to do that for you. If you are happy with the new price, you can simply let the subscription renew automatically.

Thank you for understanding that we don't control the carbon market pricing and must update our prices according to market conditions in order to give the full benefit to TIST Farmers for the current fair market price.

TIST Carbon Credits are "Charismatic"! 

Verified and validated TIST carbon credits go above and beyond the majority of credits on the worldwide voluntary carbon market.

Our carbon credits are considered "charismatic" because - in addition to sequestering the CO2 - they create additional "co-benefits" for TIST Farmers doing the hard work in the field keeping trees alive and growing.

These co-benefits include having a positive impact on the overall health and wellbeing of farmers, improving the livelihood of small hold farms, creating new sources of income (for example, fruits from a fruit tree to take to market or barter for necessary supplies) and many more.

We welcome you to learn more about the benefits of TIST.