• TIST Donations

    Plant trees and fund TIST training seminars and social entrepreneurs!

    Plant Trees for $1 Each
    Plant as many trees as you like! Tree planting is a tax-deductible donation for US individuals and organizations. We will send you a certificate and tax information via email within 48 hours of order completion.
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    Donations for TIST Training and Seminars
    2,500.00 - 5,000.00
    Send TIST Small Group members to seminars on sustainable development, conservation agriculture, tree planting, nursery development and health training plus TIST program development and building their own clean and fuel-efficient wood stoves. TIST participants also share new best practices at the seminars.

    $2,500: Sponsor an entire 5-day training seminar for 50 TIST participants.

    $5,000: Support a TIST Social Entrepreneur Team for a year! Fund them to start and train 40 or more Small Groups in a new location, including two seminars, stipend, travel expenses, materials and equipment.
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