Alice Kambura

“TIST changed the standard of living”

Kenyan TIST Farmer Alice Kambura

Over the past 15 years as a TIST Farmer, Alice Kambura has developed valuable leadership skills that she shares with her community.  Alice joined TIST in Kenya after receiving training and hearing about the many program benefits, particularly how tree planting, Conservation Farming, and improved cookstoves can help families, communities, and the environment.

Today, Alice is a Cluster Servant responsible for training and serving other farmers.  One of the most important Best Practices for Alice has been Rotating Leadership, where many men and women have the opportunity to take turns leading and educating new farmers. 

She often trains TIST Farmers on Conservation Farming; a method Alice uses on her farm to grow maize.  Tree planting is Alice's favorite thing about the TIST Program.  She would like for more people to know about the benefits of planting more trees, maintaining the trees, and producing carbon credits.  

Alice considers her training and quantification skills to be her biggest achievements.  “TIST changed the standard of living,” both her own and that of the community she shares her successes with.