Modi Joseph

“The project really has improved our lives here within our village.”


Modi Joseph joined TIST in 2019 as part of Small Group Nekoyedde Tukole D in Nabuganyi Cluster, Kayunga District, Uganda. His Small Group has planted 990 trees as of June 2021, including mango, avocado, orange and Albizia trees.

According to Mr. Modi, “the project really has improved our lives here within our village.” His community now has energy saving stoves, access to firewood, and more food available. As an individual, he can now get helpful medicine and his own food thanks to the variety of species he chose to plant. Mr. Modi participates in regular monitoring of his garden, in part to ensure no animals are interfering with the food and trees he has transplanted and cultivated with his group.

His Small Group participates in Cluster Meetings, where they learned about energy saving stove construction, the TIST Values, eligibility requirements, and trainings on transplanting, pruning, and grove management. These meetings facilitate farmer-to-farmer learning and benefit the whole TIST community.

In his village, they have noticed a cooler environment that facilitates rainfall. Trees provide shade and encourage regular rainfall. “Air pollution is being reduced within our environment,” he explained. “Carbon is already being absorbed by the trees we have planted.” Mr. Modi looks forward to receiving Profit Sharing and says it will give him a “morale boost” as a farmer. “This project has changed our lives,” through tree planting and connecting with others.