"I'm seeing my old age bright and ok because of the TIST Program."

Ugandan TIST Farmer Mushabe

I'm seeing my old age bright and ok because of the TIST Program. I never went to school, had no job, and I'm always looking for school fees for my kids and other family necessity. I have been wondering for my old days.

But planting trees for TIST program for 30 years and letting them grow big is my assurance of my bright future. The more it grows big, the more money earned. This has started to rejuvenate my hope of future. I'm paid every six months tree incentive, paid once a year 70% profit sharing, which is bigger than trees incentives.

Have started selling fruits and nuts from my fruit trees. Have planted indigenous trees which last more years and some are medicinal like pronus and others.

I planted some trees along the way to my house and in the compound.  I also planted some fruit trees in coffee plantation, which provides shade for coffee to grow well.

Above all minding on improving our environment. Plant trees for TIST program and have money.

By Mushabe
Rwanyarare T.P