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Mijohoro, Luciner, Mikalatusi, Eucalyptus, Milonga, Mimelea, Casuarina, Mti kunuka, Gravellia & Mikorokapasi

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Dodoma (literally "It has sunk" in Gogo), officially Dodoma City, is the national capital of Tanzania and the capital of Dodoma Region, with a population of 410,956. Located in the centre of the country, Dodoma City is 453 kilometres (281 mi) west of the former capital at Dar es Salaam and 441 kilometres (274 mi) south of Arusha, the headquarters of the East African Community.


Morogoro is a town with a population of 315,866 (2012 census) in the eastern part of Tanzania, 196 kilometres (122 mi) west of Dar es Salaam, the country's largest city and commercial centre, and 260 kilometres (160 mi) east of Dodoma, the country's capital city. Morogoro is the capital of the Morogoro Region. It is also known informally as "Mji kasoro bahari", which translates as "city short of an ocean/port".