2021 Holiday Mailing

TIST Farmer Modi Joseph of Uganda shares.


By participating in TIST Cluster Meetings, he has not only learned about energy saving stove construction, but also transplanting, pruning, and grove management.  These meetings facilitate farmer-to-farmer learning and benefit the wide network of TIST participants.  Modi Joseph sums it up well: “This project has changed our lives.”  Learn more about Joseph's story . 

In 2021, TIST Farmers earned Triple Gold Certification for the TIST Program, demonstrating exceptional community, climate, and biodiversity benefits!  This certification is a direct result of TIST Farmers’ activities extending beyond the individual and into the local areas.  In Kenya, TIST Leadership launched the TIST Education Fund to support the students in the TIST community who most need funding to continue their education.  We look forward to supporting students in other TIST operating countries in 2022!

Using tools such as Join.TIST.org and the TIST Learning Center, TIST Champions are expanding the Program through physical and digital farmer-to-farmer connections.  New Small Groups are steadily joining the Program with approximately 1,000 new farmers joining every month and almost 3,000 Small Groups joining TIST in 2021!

In 2022, TIST Farmers will continue to improve their farms, communities, and the planet.  We appreciate your support and your generosity makes a difference!  We invite each of you to make a donation to support their accomplishments at program.tist.org/donate or by sending a check to the contact address below.

Wishing you joy and all the best for the Holidays from our TIST Family to yours! 

Take care,